My name is Stephen Hawes, and I’m a maker, programmer, and engineer. I’m also the founder and CEO of Atlas Laboratories, a rapid prototyping company.

Currently, I work at Deeplocal, an incredible company in Pittsburgh where I get to build some incredible things. I graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2017 majoring in Mechanical Engineering.


I have been making things ever since I was young.  I participated in the Connecticut Invention Convention first through sixth grade.  Because of my inventions, I was featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Martha Stewart Show.

After the Invention Convention, I started working on my own projects, building whatever I could with the materials I could get my hands on.

In high school, I discovered HTML, which inspired me to learn CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL, and started doing freelance web design. In college, I learned Matlab, Python, Java, and Processing, and bought my first 3D printer.  I quickly realized that building projects that combine software and hardware in interesting ways is what I love to do.  I started work on a wrist-mounted flamethrower, a full body 3D scanner, then on to prosthetics.

In early 2016, I founded Atlas Laboratories, at first a prosthetics company through which I developed the Atlas Arm prosthetic hand.  As part of this project, I received the UConn IDEA Grant, won $10,000 from UConn Innovation Quest and participated in their startup incubator, and took lab space as part of the UConn Technology Incubation Program in Farmington, Connecticut.  Atlas Laboratories is now focused on rapid prototyping and new ventures.

Click here for a copy of my resume. Check out my YouTube Channel where I make videos about my projects!

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